Three women, two big loves, one idea.

How ReSail was born.

DSC 0050 bw We knew each other for a long time, through the Nautical Club of Thessaloniki. One sunny July afternoon, when they say that anything you think of is realized, we made a decision. We were three women, of different backgrounds but with common love for sailing, who decided to follow their grand dream of creating beautiful objects. Whatever it would take. To us, it was enough that it was reaching out to the sea. This is the story of an architect, an economist and a light designer. This is our story.
DSC 0140 Yanna started out with windsurfing as a teenager. She took part in races until the age of 25, when she switched to keel boats racing. She participated in races for over ten years. Today, she co-owns “Oxygonon” an ORC racing boat and is an active member of the Nautical Club of Thessaloniki.
DSC 0136 1 Magda boards the ferry to the islands and gets seasick, in spite of her family’s credentials. A real seadog.
DSC 0157 final ego

Anastasia started out as an adult but the sport won her over completely. Freedom, adrenaline, wind, sea, friends, carefree. All this. Together. Always together.

The idea.

The one who came up with the idea was Yanna, the patient. She was wondering why all the sailing equipment should go to waste after it stopped being useful on board. And we started looking into it. Magda, the tenacious, thought that it would be interesting to reuse this material in a different context, so that the final product would attract aesthetically not only people with a sailing background, who are familiar with the equipment, but also the rest of the world. It was then that Anastasia, the visionary organizer, already started to look for ways to present ourselves to the public.

And this is how the business got started.

Humor and imagination are the common factors of our working together, usually along with many many cups of coffee. Black, medium and sweet! Before we began, we had to set strong foundations, to make sure that we would last over time. We laid down one and only solid rule; our labor to be entertaining. Only! While we create, we listen to the music, chit chat about our everyday affairs and we enjoy working under looming deadlines!

Each piece is unique!

And this is nor a cliché, for two reasons. For one, there is no personal property on an idea; one piece may go through all six hands and many more waves in order to reach its final form. Secondly, we never know what sort of used material we may come across, to transform into jewelry. Therefore, most of the time, we talk about unique designs.


Next steps.

Each one of us has a different dream about ReSail’s progress. Yanna would like to see a big network of creators and supporters, with stations on every island. Magda is after ReSail’s entry to the stock market, while Anastasia sees it evolving into something creative, established, recognizable and recognized.

Come and see our work


Yanna, Magda, Anastasia!


foto credits Maria Spirideli

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